Gyat WAN Network

Corporate offices to a central corporate network

Intro to Software WAN and Cloud Wans

What a software wan is is a large, software defined wan system that connects branch office’s and businesses over geographical distances. A wan can be used to connect branch hours to a central corporate office. An SD wan approach moves more data into the cloud using the wan approach. A WAN can be used to connect central corporate offices to a central corporate network. The market is moving towards installing a cloud based system rather than a clunkier hardware based platform. Proprietary based WAN systems usually involves fixed circuits and proprietary hardware. Virtualization and VPN (Virtual Private Networks) are used in tandem to increase security systems globally.

SD-Wan from is an advantageous software system based on it’s ability to filter out slow or clunky hardware based systems that block high speed connections. With a strong cloud-based system it’s possible to scale up or burst towards a higher connection system. SD-WAN is a very profitable, streamlined, fast connection based system that accelerates and enables users with a good network to achieve a smooth networking system. This factors into ADC, WAN systems, and other high demand systems. Cloud is quickly becoming a billion dollar industry and companies are rapidly growing and the trend is expected to continue. Companies like Silverpeak, Velocloud, and Aryaka, all have expansive, immersive technology that utilize WAN and SD WAN technologies.

SD WAN is immensely flexible, malleable, and utilized in a positive manner for the good of the network. It’s growth in the marketplace is essential for the security and development of small businesses and private servers. The implementation and growth of cloud will usher in a new era of networking that will positively revolutionize networking and internet technologies. Orchestration is the primary tool that’s used in software implementation and cloud optimization. Lightweight CPE equipment can be used to merge and meld the technology to deliver SD-WAN in offices.

SD WAN is extremely profitable and an immersive technology that empowers businesses. WAN networks can be outsourced for businesses that don’t want to manage. Paying customers pay for the full service that WAN provides, including security and other applications that come into the package. Major corporations such as Century Link, Colt, and Verizon implemented the WAN system and have benefited tremendously. Companies like Versetala, Vipetela, and Cienna provide orchestration and WAN services to larger companies. It’s a booming industry that will speed things up for the future.